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Lustrà piscinin

Lustrà piscinin

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The piscinin (small, in Milanese) version of a smooth leather shoe care travel kit. There are only four accessories, but they're smaller and they're the ones you can't really give up to make your shoes last longer. Two brushes, shoeshine and a cloth: always in your suitcase, they take up such a small space.



Unrefined leather goes through the traditional process called “tanning”. And is treated so to prevent it from decomposition or loss in flexibility. Afterwards, the leather is put in a rotating wood barrel with water and brown coloring solution for dyeing. Water is then warmed up to 60° C to help the color bind to the leather for a lasting finish.


Wooden handle bristle-brush

The brush with wooden handle and 100% horsehair bristles to remove every speck of dust from your shoe and prepare it to be polished.

Shinespread brush

The 100% horsehair brush helps you to spread the shoeshine evenly.


With the shoeshine you give the leather new life, giving it the right moisture lost in daily use. The softer the seam, the longer it will last. Depending on the colour of your shoe, you will find the right colour in your kit.


Our soft glove will help you to remove cream residues after having sprinkled the shoeshine on the leather.

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Shoes need love

Our shoes are made by hand with the best leather. To make them last longer (and not show their age) we have some tips about how to use our Kit

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Lustrà piscinin - Velasca
Lustrà piscinin - Velasca
Lustrà piscinin - Velasca
Lustrà piscinin - Velasca