E-Gift Card

How many times do we buy ourselves new shoes?
If the answer is “a lot,” it’s time to give a present to someone you love.


You haven’t picked any Gift Card yet

and you’ve taken the first step to a pair of Velascas.

and you give a Velasca shoe-care kit.

and you can give a Velasca leather wallet.

and you give a Velasca belt and wallet.

and you’ve got Sneakers, Oxfords, Ankle Boots or Pennies.

and you’ve got Derbies, Boots, Chelseas, Tassels or Belgians.

and you give a pair of Velasca shoes and accessories.

E-Gift Cards are directly sent to your inbox after placing your order. They instantly work online and offline.
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To give someone a E-Gift Card, you can either print the email or forward it to the recipient.

Be aware that E-Gift Cards expire 1 year after the purchase and cannot be refunded. In addition, E-Gift Cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

In the case of a product ordered by a E-Gift Card, the product can be returned and exchanged if the Velasca return standards are respected, but it cannot be refunded.

Finally, in the case of a partial use of a E-Gift Card, it will be automatically updated with the remaining value.


Choose the value of the Velasca E-Gift Card. There’s nothing better than making the people you really care about happy.

Our E-Gift Card can be bought online and you can use it right away. It’s super fast and eco-friendly.

You’ve got two options: either send it via email or print it and personally give it to the recipient.

The person receiving the E-Gift Card can either use it online or in one of our Bottegas.


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