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In the city of Turin

Bottega of Turin

We opened a Bottega in the center of Turin, a few steps from Piazza Bodoni ― the high-class music venue ― situated in an area of classic style and elegance, between printing presses, art galleries and Baroque buildings. Think of this as a new meeting place, whether it’s to touch handcrafted shoes in Turin (and all men’s accessories) or to chat with people who share your passion and love for made in Italy.

Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca


Monday - Friday
11 am - 3 pm
4 pm - 8 pm
11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 1.30 pm
2 pm - 8 pm
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca


Via Giuseppe Mazzini 22/E
10123 Torino
T: (+39) 02 94 75 54 60
Privacy policy
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca


Porta Nuova stop
of M1 metro.
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca


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The Velasca experience

Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca
Try on as many shoes as you like. This will also help you find the right size.
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca
Choose to either purchase shoes at our Bottegas or our online shop.
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca
Enjoy the Velasca hospitality, from beginning to end.
Made in Italy men’s shoes Turin | Velasca
Change in store
Want to change shoes you bought at a Bottega? You can from Mon to Fri.



"If you're positive about life, other people will begin to notice. The atmosphere you create is everything in a Bottega like ours."

Originally from Turin, Alessandra is attracted to small stores, where direct contact can be established ― based on trust ― with customers. She opened the Bottega of Turin’s doors in October 2017.

Come meet us

Velasca Bottega MilanoVelasca Bottega MilanoVelasca Bottega MilanoVelasca Bottega Milano

We chat about the society we live in, from the famous stories to the secret ones, keeping an eye on the city of Turin.

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Put a helmet on his head, put him on a horse. He has a King’s face.

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Classic electric cars: anything is possible

Wouldn’t it be nicer to drive around Italy in an old car with 0 emissions?

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