Shoe Trees

Shoe trees

Shoe trees

How to make your shoes last longer? Besides the products in the shoe care kit, our shoe trees in cedar wood and spring shoe trees are the accessories that will keep your shoes in the perfect shape when you’re not using them.

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Shoe trees

What’s a shoe tree?

A shoe tree is the essential accessory to take care of your men’s shoes. Its shape is the same as a shoe ― it really looks like a foot ― it’s made up of a front part (toe) and a back one (heel), and you place it into your shoes so that they keep their shape whenever you’re not using them (usually at the end of the day).

Why choose wooden shoe trees?

Because they'll ensure your shoes always seem like new. A wooden shoe tree is very important for keeping the shoe’s leather in perfect condition, without crease and, most of all, for making them last longer. Regarding this last aspect, included in the collection of our online shop, we’ve got a shoe care kit that, together with shoe trees, will help you increase the life of your men’s artisanal shoes.

Types of shoe trees for men’s shoes

We’ve got two types: shoe trees in cedar wood and spring shoe trees. Both are needed to keep shoes in shape when they’re not being worn. They’re a very good accessory against shoes’ humidity, and a fancy item for the man who pays attention to every single detail; even at home.