Dapper men are searching for beauty and our leather Derby shoes certainly deliver with their wide three-story sole and a rounded toe. Elegance can be expressed so many ways, and with these Bluchers on you'll distinguish yourself from anyone around you.

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Where does the Derby come from?

The origin of the Derby isn’t entirely clear. Popularly, some theorise that the 14th Earl of Derby commissioned its design as his high instep required an open-laced shoe to accommodate his larger feet proportions. The Derby is often understood to have been designed after the Oxfords, however it’s more likely their origins occurred concurrently.

How we make them

As with each shoe in our range, our men’s Derby shoe is made with the best leather available. The leather sole Derby is made using the ‘blake-rapid’ construction, giving it a double binding. While we use the lightweight ‘blake’ construction for our Derbies with a Vibram rubber gumlite sole.

Are there any differences between Derby and Oxford shoes?

Yes, and there are many; from their history to shape and fit. But, for us, the main distinction between them is style. In contrast to Oxfords, Derbies are more peculiar: they're made for the dapper man who loves to stand out from the crowd.