The No. 1 party

Whether you’re the groom, the best man, or a guest, weddings are the number one party for everyone. Get there wearing the right shoes.

The groom is the star

A classic wedding on the agenda? There’s a pair of shoes that will go well with every groom. It’s the Giacalustra ― together with the rubber sole model Esclusiv ― the most loved black Oxford shoes by our customers.

The dapper groom dresses unexpectedly

While everyone expects to see a groom dressed in classic style, there’s always a chance to wear something a bit different. Stay black with a pair of Tassel Loafers: Cadregatt, nice to meet you.

For the daring ones

The first tip for you is: stay with black. There are some Oxfords, Double Monk Straps, Derbies, and Belgian Loafers which give the groom, best man, and guest the chance to be daring. With a touch of elegance.

Inside our magazine, you’ll read some style tips and ways of living to make your life a bit easier, each and every day. We want to help you be best prepared for the most important day.

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