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Each of our shoes follows the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, the one handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. We make them in the heart of Italy ― in Montegranaro, the Marche region ― where the whole urban fabric is built on the craft of shoemaking. Together with the artisans, we select the best materials to get that kind of quality you expect in our products. From choosing the leather, or the binding technique, to the application of the sole, every step is handmade in Italy.


The collection

Fashion changes every season. We design a timeless style for the man who enjoys looking refined, yet understated. Our collection is inspired by classic lines, and a meticulous attention to detail.

The models

All our lines

Enjoy the elegance of our lines, from our Oxfords to our Derbies, from our Loafers to our Chelsea Boots and Sneakers. Italian craftsmanship of the past meets tomorrow: it’s the future of tradition.


The materials

From researching the best leather in the market, to the type of sole and shape for each model of the collection. All our materials are chosen to create the highest quality handmade shoes.

The leather

Top shelf only

Our artisans work only with French calf leather, the finest. From full grain — soft and natural — to suede, nubuck, tumbled, or polished binder leather: quality is guaranteed.

The soles

If there’s one part of the shoe that carries with it the shoe’s history from day one, it’s the sole. We offers leather soles for a classic walk. And for a more casual style, we choose high-quality rubber soles of the Italian company Vibram.


Made with real leather, our soles respect and pay homage to tradition. They’re made from the best bovine leather in the market and gain their distinct color through “vegetal tanning”. And, they’re made to last over time.

Vibram sole

High quality and superior durability. Under some of our shoes is the Vibram winter rubber sole, the best in the market. It’s made to walk on any surface, especially outdoors. Rain and snow are no longer an issue.

Sneaker sole

With it’s white rubber, it pays respect to the traditions of sneaker culture. Technically called “box bottom” it’s made with 100% with rubber. With a very light, smooth and flat sole, it’s suitable for a refined and casual all-purpose look.


The construction

From our handcrafted production methods to the selection of materials, we pay close attention to the way our shoes are constructed — which means they’ll last. Every stage of construction is done by hand, and we match the best sole for each type of shoe. From the soft and flexible Blake sole, to the more sophisticated Blake-Rapid sole construction, each makes your shoes easy to resole. With the Tubular sole, you’ll feel as though you’re wearing your favourite pair of slippers. And, we’ve gone with the Lateral sole construction for our Sneakers.

Watch the process

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