Be your own boss

We met two people who work as freelancers, to get them to tell us about their typical work day. An architect and a pharmaceutical consultant live in a world where they are their own bosses. Ready to free your style?

Luca, pharmaceutical consultant

From a large company to a small tailor’s shop, made in Italy pays lots of attention to the quality of the materials being used.

Luca, architect

Made in Italy means research behind every single product. From ceramic plates by Gio Ponti, to a bookcase by Franco Albini, there’s a study behind everything.

The day starts whenever you like

In comparison to a nine-to-five job, your day is pretty flexible when you’re your own boss. It’s morning, start with breakfast.

8 am - Breakfast at the coffee place and emails

Before starting with appointments, Luca walks Blu, his dog, from home to the Tortona district for a coffee at BASE, Milan.

Luca wears Pensador while his dog Blu is actually barefoot

8.30 am - An espresso to the studio

Before going to the studio to read emails, Luca stops for a coffee at the bar on the corner ― Posta of Milan ― to have an espresso and flick through magazines.

Luca wears Direttòr while going to the studio by bike

The freelancer at work

It’s rare to have days that seem anything like each other. A freelancer is free to either work in his own space or seek shared spaces for co-working and sharing ideas.

The consultant finds his own spaces

Luca is often moving to meet doctors. Sometimes, instead, he only needs a cozy place to work with his laptop.

The architect in his own studio

If going to a construction site isn’t necessary, Luca is focused in his own studio where he researches and designs new projects.

Chill is what you need

After a long day at work, movement helps to get the creativity flowing. Because discovering the city or trying a drink at a bar is exactly what the freelancer life is all about.

6.30 pm - Bicycle, Spritz, and friends

Luca loves riding his bicycle when getting around Milan. He’s meeting with a few friends after work. Al Cortile for a cocktail and hang out.

Luca wears Polliroeu while going to aperitivo by bicycle

7 pm - Board, exhibition, and aperitivo

When the weather is good, Luca gets outside his studio, takes his skateboard and goes to see an exhibition at Triennale in Milan. Nothing frees the mind quite like art and design.

Here Luca wears Beleràtt while skateboarding to the exhibition

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