Bottega of Rome

We are Italians and Rome is much more than a capital. Our Bottega is located in the Prati district, behind Piazza del Risorgimento, and a few steps away from the Pope. Think of this as a meeting place for the man who wants to feel the artisanal shoes (and all the accessories) in his own hands in Rome, or a place to chat with people who share similar values. It’s the new neighborly cultural gathering: welcome.



Monday - Friday
11 am - 2.30 pm
3.30 pm - 8 pm
10 am - 8 pm
4 pm - 8 pm


Via Fabio Massimo, 93
00192 Rome
T: (+39) 338 94 57 733
E: bottega@velasca.com


Ottaviano stop,
Metro line A of the metro.


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"On my scale of values, excellence ranks first. I’m talking about the quality of the product, the job, the service I’m offering to people and, therefore, my life."

With a history of working in the corporate retail business, Giovanni felt the need to get back into the game. A change based on putting quality first, to put him back into direct contact with customers.

Come meet us

Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano Velasca Bottega Milano

We chat about the society we live in, from the famous stories to the secret ones, always keeping an eye on the Eternal City.

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