Tassel Loafers


Tassel Loafers

Tassel Loafers

The gentleman walks the streets of his city, he loves social gatherings and the good life. He's refined and takes pride in the finer details. He chooses our leather Tassel Loafers, the elegant no lace shoe designed in collaboration with Fabio Attanasio.

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The history of Tassel Loafers

It’s 1936 in the USA and Bass Shoe Company designs a pair of slip on shoes, inspired by Norwegian fishermen’s shoes. After World War II, men’s moccasins ― the first Penny Loafers ― start being fashionable among American college students.

Paul Luka, a cinema guy, travels to Europe one day and returns home with a new pair of Oxfords with a small tassel applied to the end of the shoelaces. He decides to go to Manhattan and ask Frakas & Kovacs shoe factory to make a pair, however he leaves disappointed. He then turns his attention to Manhattan’s Lefcourt, and also to Morris Bootmakers in Beverly Hills, California.

Surprisingly, both stores ask Alden Shoe Company in Massachusetts to make the first pair of men's Tassel Loafers in history in 1950.

How we make them

Whether polished binder leather or suede leather, ours are made with the best quality leather available. They’re handmade with the renowned “blake-rapid” technique, which is chosen due to its double binding making resolving your shoes easier.