Perfect for those men who are on their way to work or are interested in cultivating a subtle, refined and timeless look. Do you have a formal wedding coming up? Don't think too hard, just put on your black leather Oxford shoes for a classic look.

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Where do Oxfords come from?

They’re shoes with a fantastic and long history. Although they have existed in some capacity since the 1600s, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that these particular style of shoes began to gain prominence among Oxford University students; hence the name the ‘Oxford’.

How they’re made

Firstly, we use the best leather available. Our leather sole Oxfords are made with the ‘blake-rapid’ technique: a double and easy binding to resole your shoes. For our Oxfords with Vibram rubber gumlite soles we use a ‘blake’ binding. The insole and sole are sewn together, making the shoe super light.

How to match men’s Oxfords

Let’s start with the black Oxfords: they're the perfect low-key shoes to match with a suit for formal occasions, such as an office event or a classic wedding. When wearing our more peculiar looking Oxfords, such as the full brogues or ones wrapped in suede leather, ensure you pair them with a mismatched ensemble or some pence pants.