Men choose Moccasins because they're the lightest, most comfortable and flexible shoes to wear in summer without socks. Our leather Moccasins with studded rubber sole are perfect to walk the streets of the old city in your free time over weekends.

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The history of Moccasins

Going back to Native American times, people were divided among tribes and society was vastly different to how we know it today. The America of today doesn't exist yet and it's precisely from these times that the very first all-time men's Moccasins emerge. They're handmade from leather and are worn to distinguish between tribes.

Where does the term “Moccasin” come from?

The development of the term from native Americans to the United States of America isn't all clear. What we do know is that the name Moccasin started with the Algonquian language in North America and shifted to Anglo-Saxons. Captain John Smith from Jamestown seems to be the father of this term thanks to his translation back in 1612.

How they’re made and when they should be worn

The studded rubber sole is applied all over and the leather we choose - whether tumbled, antiqued or suede - is first class. Our men's Moccasins are made using the tubular technique because it gives you the most softness and flexibility. These are summer shoes and when it comes to style, they're also elegant. Wear them without socks for strolling around on your days off or on weekends.