The past matters, and our Icons come from another era. They’re designed for the man who, by wearing casual autumnal clothes, is attracted by the vintage design to make walking his own.

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The history of our Icons

The first-ever Paraboots model was realized by Rémy-Alexis Richard in the French Alps (1908). He felt like moving to Paris would be the next logical step, and he was right. From that point on, until found a company, things were anything but easy.

For a while, the second generation of the family made athletic shoes for skiers and mountain bikers by hand, and the company was close to failing in the 1970s. Today, we’re witnessing the fourth generation of Paraboots.

How to perfectly match Icons with a man’s wardrobe?

Our Paraboots works best matching a relaxed and casual look. In particular, we’re referring to chinos, jeans, or velvet pants. Above the pants, we recommend either an Oxford-style shirt or a white t-shirt. This whole outfit looks great with an Italian woolen pullover on top.