Desert Boots


Desert Boots

Desert Boots

Freedom. This was the first word to come to mind when we conceived our Desert Boots. They’re made for the man who’s free to choose a casual style during the rainiest and breeziest days of fall.

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The history of Desert Boots

The first pair of men’s Desert Boots was designed by Nathan Clark in 1947, to help soldiers in World War II walk in desert conditions.

1968 and Desert Boots

As we can see in archive photographs, the 1968 university movement was associated with an iconic shoe: the Desert Boots. During March 1968, Parisian people used to wear them; as well as Italians. In fact, the revolution started in Milan, at Università Cattolica.

Who are the men’s fashion icons of Desert Boots?

Thanks to their British look, we’ve seen many musicians and movie stars wearing the Clarks style. More than any, we’re referring to Bob Dylan and Steve McQueen.

How to match them?

Since these shoes are casual, they’re the perfect shoes for both freelancers and college students. You can easily match them, whether with a pair of chino or jeans, an Oxford-style shirt, or a white t-shirt.